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We are in Willcox, AZ, which is in the Southeast part of the state, at an elevation of about 4200’.  Due to the elevation, we have a much more moderate climate than the desert cities like Phoenix and Tucson.


Agriculture and ranching are big here, with apples, cotton and ostriches leading the way.  That’s right, we said ostriches.

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Southeast Arizona is world famous as a destination for birders.  People come from all over the world just to view the over 500 species of birds found in our county.  No other county in the United States boasts so many different kinds of birds.


In our backyard, we have ponds, plantings, feeders, and houses; all designed to attract more of our feathered friends.  We also camp and fish a lot, and so have the opportunity to view those species that prefer a bit different terrain.


Experts say that an elevation change of 1000’ is like 400 miles north or south.  Within 100 miles of our home, we can go from 2000’ to 9000’, which is the same as 2800 miles north to south.  If we feel like Canada today, We are an hour from the cool spruces and firs.  On the other hand, several warm, desert lakes are also within an hour’s drive.  Winter or summer, the climate we want is just a short drive.


If you prefer the ocean, the seacoast is a bit over 4 hours from here.  Rocky Point, on the coast in Old Mexico, is a popular destination for folks around here.