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I do amateur astronomy, shooting, woodworking, collect books on Africa, and I like to read short stories.


We like dogs, cats, parrots, and pond animals, and a bunch of these share our house.† The hobbies we pursue together include boating, fishing, hiking, birding, 4-wheeling, gardening (especially roses), and model trains (3 scales).

I enjoy photography, cooking, reading and collecting science fiction, target shooting, and crafts.

We live on five acres quite a ways out of town, so we have a lot of room to try different ideas.† Our property has some small mesquites and soaptree yuccas on it, and we havenít disturbed these.† We have added about 20 trees a year, mostly willows and cottonwoods, with a scattering of others.† There are currently about 80 rosebushes, lots of mint and lantana, and four small ponds filled with water plants.


Boating & Fishing

We take our boat to various lakes a few times a year for two or three days, and try to plan one longer expedition.† Fishing on smaller lakes and ponds is fun, even when they donít bite.

Our latest venture is a 1981 Volkswagen Vanagon camper.† I have replacd the engine, and we are putting on new canvas this year.† Check out the SA grill and super lights up front..